Vips, on the fly derivation and gifs

Hi! Is there a way to have Vips work with Gif images? I get errors like Vips::Error (No known saver for '/tmp/image_processing20200313-2231-16sqezs.gif'.):

If not possible, how can I use MiniMagick for on the fly derivations? The documentation only shows an example with Vips. Thanks!

NVM got it working with MiniMagick.

libvips 8.7+ compiled with ImageMagick should support saving GIFs (internally it just uses ImageMagick for that).

But yeah, alternatively you can use ImageMagick for on-the-fly processing.

I am using Alpine for my Docker image and use the vips-dev package. Do you know how to add gif support? I couldn’t find a solution. Is there a big difference in performance etc between Vips and ImageMagick?

I think you’d have to compile from source, which might be more involved. I don’t know anything more than the official docs.

In my experience libvips is significantly faster and uses less memory than ImageMagick. However, I’d recommend doing your own benchmarking, and for GIFs you’ll probably have similar performance.

For now it’s still in development, not in production, and I don’t expect tons of people updating their avatars and small images like that a lot, so I guess I should be fine with ImageMagick for now? I just switched to Alpine and my build is a lot faster, I wouldn’t want to make it slow again by having to compile something from source…