Specifying CDN host in url_options not working

Hi! I am setting up Shrine and so far everything seems to work (including S3 direct uploads with Uppy) apart from the fact that the CDN host is ignored, and the URLs generated always have the host of the app as the host. This is what I am doing now, and I found the information here and there confusing as default_url_options has been deprecated and from looking here and here I’m not sure if the host option is even configurable anymore.

Shrine.plugin :url_options,
	cache: { host: "https://#{Settings.cdn_host}", public: true },
	store: { host: "https://#{Settings.cdn_host}", public: true }

What am I doing wrong? I want to make sure the images are always loaded from the CDN. Thanks!

Uhm. I am using derivations for on the fly processing. Can I set the CDN host for these?

Found the answer here https://shrinerb.com/docs/plugins/derivation_endpoint