Shrine as the versionning tool for API service

Hello All,

I am currently using Shrine to version files through a Rails app with Activerecord hosted on Heroku. There is a direct to S3 upload through Uppy then Shrine collect the file on S3 and version it back to S3. Pretty casual.

Now I plan to increase speed of versioning and be able to treat more simultaneous files, then been planning on making a remote server only for versioning.

Though I am not too sure if I still can use Shrine as the main tool for this.
My first idea was to replicate the process on Heroku (recreate same uploaders, same models …) and return the exact same resulting *_data JSON back to the Heroklu app when files have been versionned and uploaded back to S3.

Yet this seems a bit hacky. Also this server has no need for a database and save resulting *_data in a specific column. Then I have been thinking of using ImageProcessing directly and trying to recompose the final *_data.
Though this just feels as hacky.

Has someone tried to implement such a design and could give me their input about this process ?

EDIT: I think the column plugin is what I need : serializing without model. I get back on this when I have played a bit with it in case someone is implementing same design as above.