Shrine 3.0 progress

We’re planning to release Shrine 3.0 by the end of October. It will have many new features and improvements:

I wrote about this more in depth in my article Upcoming features in Shrine 3.0. The API is pretty stable now, and I’ve released beta version of 3.0.0 for people that want to try it out.

We’re actively preparing for Shrine 3.0, but there is still lots to do before the release:

  • finish updating docs
  • guide for migrating from 2.x to 3.x
  • full release notes
  • update shrine-* gems
  • backwards compat layer for Attacher and backgrounding (maybe)

We’re also planning on moving the website and docs to Docusaurus.

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What has been done so far:

What is currently being worked on:

  • new shrine-rom gem
  • moving to Docusaurus
  • updating guides and plugin docs

What has been done since the last update:

What is currently being worked on:

  • new shrine-rom gem
  • updating other shrine-* gems

Moving to Docusaurus will probably be postponed for after Shrine 3.0 is released. I’ve released version 3.0.0.beta3 with the latest changes. If everything goes well, the next release will be 3.0.0.rc, and then finally 3.0.0.

I’ve just released Shrine 3.0.0.rc, which should hopefully be the final release before 3.0.0.

The following gems have been updated for Shrine 3.0:

  • shrine-transloadit
  • shrine-url
  • shrine-tus
  • shrine-cloudinary
  • shrine-fog
  • shrine-flickr
  • shrine-uploadcare
  • shrine-gridfs
  • shrine-sql
  • shrine-mongoid
  • shrine-google_cloud_storage (PR waiting to be merged)

I’ve also updated the Rails demo app for Shrine 3.0, Rails 6.0, and Bootstrap 4.x, and have tried to make it more Railsy. It now uses Webpacker with ES6, Active Job for Shrine background jobs, new Rails credentials, and the new derivatives Shrine plugin.

At the moment I’m working on getting shrine-rom released, and afterwards update hanami-shrine. After this and the shrine-google_cloud_storage PR, we should be ready to release 3.0.0, provided that enough time has passed for it to be tested.

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Shrine 3.0 has finally been released! :tada:

We’ve also redesigned the website and moved documentation there, so now we get nice features such as autogenerated TOC and related documents:

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