S3 public URL format configuration

I’m using Shrine 2.10.x, and can’t upgrade at the moment, so please flavor your answers that way, if possible.

This long-running and working application has always presented its URLs for S3-uploaded images in the following format:


After moving to a different bucket in a different account, the files in the new bucket prefer to be addressed like this:


When I try to visit the files in the new bucket using the URL that Shrine calculates for it (old format above), I get a 301 that says: “The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint.”

I’ve looked through the S3 plugin, and can’t find where the URL is being calculated, and so I’m not sure where to configure this. I see the “host” option, but that’s documented as being for CloudFront or another CDN. Is this the way forward, or is there another way to signal how I would like the URL to be calculated?

Thanks in advance,


Actually, never mind. I just realized that while I have Shrine in this application, I also have Paperclip, and this particular model is using that, not Shrine. A thousand pardons for the noise.