Ruby 3.0 compatibility?

Is Shrine 3.3.0 compatible with Ruby 3.0 ?
I have a Rails 6.1.3 project, using Ruby 3.0, and Shrine 3.3.0 gem and my local rails server process won’t start (just hangs) and also my local sidekiq process also hangs on start.

If I drop back down to Ruby 2.7.2 in the same project, everything works fine.

Yes, Shrine should be compatible with Ruby 3.0, you’ll notice that Ruby 3.0 is included in the GitHub CI testing matrix.

I’m not sure what’s causing the hanging in your project, but it’s unlikely to be caused by a gem being incompatible with Ruby 3.0, these incompatibilities usually result in an exception. It could be Spring or something like that.