On-the-fly VIPS thumbnails look posterized/distorted in Production

Hi! I’m excited to have Shrine mostly working in Production, but ran into this weird issue where on-the-fly thumbnails look posterized. This only happens in Production…in development, everything looks fine.

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Here’s are thumbnails in Production (awful) and Development (fine)


ruby-vips 2.1.0 introduced some changes that are backwards incompatible with ImageProcessing’s default sharpening, see Unexpected results with ruby-vips 2.1.0 · Issue #84 · janko/image_processing · GitHub for more details.

There might be a difference in libvips versions between your production and development machine. Or maybe it’s an OS thing. Anyway, a quick fix should be to disable sharpening, or downgrade ruby-vips version.

Thanks, Janko, I turned off sharpening as shown in the link you provided, and that fixed the distortion…