Is Shrine 2.x compatible with Ruby 3.0

I’m in the process of upgrading my Rails app to Ruby 3.0.1 . I have ironed out many other upgrade-related issues that I believe are unrelated to Shrine. But now when I try to create a record (even without attaching the file yet) I get the following error:

Loading development environment (Rails
irb(main):001:0> doc = Doc.create # with or without any params
/usr/local/bundle/gems/shrine-2.19.4/lib/shrine/attacher.rb:52:in `initialize': wrong number of arguments (given 3, expected 2) (ArgumentError)

My Doc model, app/models/doc.rb

class Doc < ApplicationRecord

All I did was change the Ruby version and update a few test-related gems.

I would love to get all my Rails app tests passing in Ruby 3, and then upgrade to Shrine 3 soon afterwards. But maybe I just need to upgrade Shrine right away?