Digital Ocean Spaces - Multipart Uploader - Refused to get unsafe header ETag

Has anyone used the multipart uploader to do direct uploads to Digital Ocean Spaces? It’s S3 compatible, but I have a support ticket in to see if they are exposing the ETag header. To entire error in the javascript console:

MultipartUploader.js:273 Refused to get unsafe header “ETag”
[Uppy] [17:06:42] Failed to upload FILENAME.mp4 AwsS3/Multipart: Could not read the ETag header. This likely means CORS is not configured correctly on the S3 Bucket.

If Digital Ocean comes back without providing that Expose Header option for the Space, are there any potential workarounds? I suspect I will need to use S3 or stop doing direct uploads, or potentially use tus-ruby-server.

(as a note, I’m using this guide:

I was told by Digital Ocean you can use s3cmd to configure more advanced policies on your bucket.

python s3cmd setcors cors.xml s3://[bucket]

with a cors.xml file looking like the one in this example:

However, since I wanted to get this working a began using the Tus server and wow, doing uploads with that is awesome. The resumable option is great! I’ll be sticking with that. Hopefully, this helps someone at some point.