Deprecated delete_raw plugin

Hi :wave:

I’m currently using Shrine 3.4.0 and mantaining a project which has a feature for bulk uploading resources that use Shrine attributes (images).

The problem I’m having is storage-wise. The client is uploading big XLSX documents, which have URLs in some cells. When a row is processed, the file from the URL is downloaded and the image assigned to the Shrine attribute, which then in turn creates the derivatives.

I checked the /tmp folder on the server and it has a bunch of image_processing-*.jpg and .png files, which in fact get created when Vips does the resizing. I tried resetting Sidekiq (because Sidekiq is the one responsible for executing the bulk import), and once I do, the garbage collector cleans those files from /tmp.

I remembered the old delete_raw plugin, and after plugging it in, retried uploading a large XLSX and observed the /tmp folder. After every row was imported into the database and image was processed, the image_processing-* files got deleted.

Unfortunately, the delete_raw plugin is deprecated and will be removed in Shrine 4. Does this issue/topic make it more appealing not to remove the plugin? :slightly_smiling_face:

Or is there a chance to replicate the delete_raw plugin behaviour into derivatives?