DeletePromoted plugin

I have been using the DeletePromoted which deletes the cache storage file after it is promoted to the permanent storage. As of Shrine 3.0 the plugin has been removed.
Is there any other way to achieve this behaviour now, or should I just create a custom plugin for this purpose?

The delete_promoted plugin was removed without replacement.

If the user is using the temporary storage for direct uploads or for retaining files on validation errors, they should be deleting cached file separately anyway, as the delete_promoted plugin cannot guarantee that all cached files will be deleted (if the user changes their mind before saving the file and uploads a new file, the previous one will remain in temporary storage even with delete_promoted loaded).

If the user doesn’t need the temporary storage (i.e. they’re not using direct uploads or file validations), they can now tell Shrine to skip it and upload straight to permanent storage:

plugin :model, cache: false